It's the Simple Pleasures in Life...

Premier Cigar Lounge

Premier Cigar Lounge will open September 2022. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where people can rekindle relationships or even form new ones over a mutual love of cigars.
We take pride in elevating the standard for premium cigar lounges. We offer an unparalleled cigar selection and an atmosphere like no other near the Cochran area. If you have a passion for fine cigars, an enticing beverage, an appetizing bite to eat as well as being part of a culture who embraces relaxation,you have found the right place.

About Us

After living many years in the busy city-life of Dallas TX, we would often spend our time in various cigar lounges. While we do have family in South Georgia, we noticed one thing was missing locally, and that was a fine cigar lounge where individuals could hang out, watch a game, and share their passion for cigars.
We are delighted to provide a get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a bit. Once again “it’s the simple pleasures in life…culture.cigars.influence.”
Best regards, 
Sean and Barbara Durham

Lounge Features:

• 5 TVs
• Fully stocked bar
• Spacious lounge
• State of the art ventilation and exhaust systems
• Savory hors d’oeuvres 
• Humidor with exclusive cigars

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Our Favorite Menu

Chicken wings $10 —w/fries $12

French fries $6

Onion rings $6

Jalapeño poppers $10

Egg rolls $8

Risotto Balls $12

Chicken Sandwich w/ fries $12 (+bacon $15)

Gourmet Franks in a Blanket $8

Turkey Burger w/ fries $12 (+bacon $15)

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ fries $12

Stuffed Loaded Baked Potato $10

Bratwursts on a Bun w/ fries $10

Apple tart $10

Why People Choose Premier Cigar Lounge

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